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1- Pilots/teams will spawn airborne and head on in a 50km diameter combat station (bubble) at exact same speed and altitude and having exact same fuel burn time [Su-27 = 4512kg = 48%] and [F-15 = 4333kg =71%]; this has been measured using sustained turn at sea level with both planes experiencing engine shutdown after approximately 5 minutes 20 seconds. Of course, actual endurance will vary depending on one’s flying style.

2- The goal is to destroy the opponents of force them out of the bubble; A warning message and sound will alert pilots when getting within 5km from the borders; a trigger will blow up any unit flying out of the combat zone if there is still an opponent up in the air.

3- Firing while merging with the opponent is forbidden in 1v1 and is only allowed after the first merge. Failing to observe this rule will cost you the round. The merge is defined by the moment where both aircraft fly past each other no matter the lateral separation. This rule applies for the first merge only and if pilots have to merge again later in the fight then they can fire before the merge occurs.

4- If the hosting server crashes before a winner is declared, the round will have to be restarted.

5- If a client disconnects upon or after the first merge, it will count as a loss. if a client disconnects before the first merge, the round shall be restarted; only one client-side disconnection per pilot/team and per match (not round) is eligible for a round restart; any further disconnection will count as a loss regardless of when it happened.

6- External views will be off and all settings set to Simulation mode

7- Pilots must use the same aircraft until the match is over but can fly a different one in the next match

8- Fuel dumping is allowed

9- Print screening is forbidden, server will notify admin when someone is print screening; this is a serious breach and will result in an immediate round loss; any further print screening will result in a disqualification.

10- If all players run out of ammo while able to fly, then they can choose to restart the round or to continue until one player crashes.

11- Ping Limit is set to 400ms. Players/teams with pings above the limit can not make warping-related claims. All participants are requested to test their pings on the server prior to their match.

12- If a player/team feels that heavy warping of the opponent affected significantly the course of the round, they can notify the referee and submit an ACMI/Track right after the end of the round. The referee must watch the evidence straight away to decide whether the warping affected the course of the fight or not then take a decision to either restart the round or let it stand. Once the decision is made by the referee, stability measures like resetting/rebooting the routers must be taken by the host and the players and a fresh session must be create on the server. If a player/team submits an ACMI/track that shows no warping or a very mild one then they will be denied making further warping-related claims for the rest of the match.

13- Players can swap sides after each round

14- In case of a dispute, tracks/ACMI’s will have to be provided. The admin’s decision is final. Tracks from participants may also be required whenever deemed necessary; failure to provide a track when asked for will result in the loss of the round.

15-Players must connect to TS at least 15mn before their match starts; if late, a person from the wait list will take over the slot and if nobody is available, the match will be pronounced as a walk over win for whoever is present if the opponent did not show up on match time.

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