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(A) Pilot ID

Participants must use the same callsign as the one showed on the SA rankings; there is a search box on top of the rankings table to easily spot yourself; if you are driving a fighter, find your callsign here--> and if you are driving a bomber, find your callsign here-->; if you did not find your callsign, you should use a name that you'd want to become your official competition callsign.


(1)Firing bullets, active or heat-seeking missiles in the direction of a friendly is forbidden; Penalties will be applied in case of a reckless teamkill including point deduction along other possible penalties on a case by case basis.

(2)If merged with an enemy, one must broadcast own position to the rest of the team immediately to alert teammates about high risk of fratricide. Failing to do so, one will be held accountable if teamkilled.

(C)Mid-air Collisions

Mid-air collisions will count as a loss just like any other crash regardless of whom you have collided with.


Attacking player-controlled aircraft on the ground is allowed using air-to-ground guided and unguided weapons as well as guns (strafing). Using air-to-air missiles to kill people on the ground is forbidden.

(E) Ejecting

If you eject, do not exit the server until the crash is confirmed by the server; failing to do so will result in a 50% unit value penalty at the expense of the offender.

(F) Re-Spawning

(1)Re-spawning is only allowed if you got shot down or crashed and is not allowed under any other circumstances without the consent of an administrator; this includes joining a spectator slot without exiting the server or re-connecting to the server after game crashed or connection troubles.

(2) Skipping the Refuel/Rearm (R/R) process by spawning in a new unit is forbidden; a 50% unit value penalty will apply against offenders

(3) If upon landing you are unable to R/R for whatever reason (empty tanks, gear damage, stuck on grass, game issues...etc), you must notify an admin then purge a 10mn penalty before spawning in a new unit; any further damage will result in a counted loss ; landing on roads is not allowed unless it is in the immediate vicinity of the air base (under 2 miles)

(4) In case of a mid-air disconnection, we will see if anyone is complaining about it first, normally people can be aware when the target they were engaging has disconnected; if no complain, one would be allowed to join the server again; now if it appears when watching Tacview that the disconnection was during a merge, turning fight, while being fired upon or under any threat or danger, a loss will be added to the pilot who disconnected; in addition all points scored after the disconnection will be canceled until the next sortie (after refueling/rearming); conversely, the opposing pilot who was denied the kill because of the disconnection will be credited with a kill.

(G) Landing and Refueling/rearming

(1)By default, landing is only allowed on departure airfields; landing may also be allowed on additional airfields, which will be specifically designated if applicable; landing anywhere else will count as a loss.

(2) Refueling/rearming is forbidden on the runway. Move to taxiway before calling in ground crew.

(3) Landing must be performed on the left side of the runway and pilot must remain there until exiting the runway. U-turns while taxing must be performed with caution after a shoulder check and making sure there is nobody around.

(4)Landing before the end of the mission is a must; A "Knock it off" call will be broadcast via chat or TS before time is up; all engagements must cease immediately regardless of the situation and all pilots must head back home for the final RTB; there will be enough time allowed to RTB but the server will close once time is up; failing to land before the server shuts down will count as a loss.

(H) Flight Duration and Substitution

(1) A participant must fly actively at least 50% of the battle duration to validate own stats. Not reaching the minimum flight time or flying passively (stalling) will result in a ineligible run (no points credited)

(2) Replacing a pilot is allowed but the player being replaced must land and come to a complete stop before exiting the server; the substitute can connect, spool-up, taxi and hold short and not take off until the server confirms that the other pilot has exited the server; both participants must notify an admin and get a permission beforehand.

(I) Claiming and Reporting

Each participant must review the ACMI generated by the server before making any claims.
All claims must be supported by evidence either from the official ACMI itself or from own ACMI. Claims that are posted too late will not be considered, especially if the rankings have already been updated.

(1) Maneuver kill:
You have fired on someone and he crashed while attempting to evade your missiles or you are involved in a dogfight and your opponent crashes in the middle of it. You can claim it whilst specifying who was involved, at what time in Tacview and a description of the situation.

(2) Assist / Kill share:two or more pilots can share the same kill if they were all involved in destroying the target. Involved means having fired on the same target before it got hit and missiles or tracers were close enough and must impact the target within a shot period of time if the target had been destroyed after the initial hit. There is no time limit if the target was still able to fly after the first hit.

(3)Reporting a scoreless performance:A scoreless performance is when one fought hard enough but did not score or lose any points. There is still a chance to earn ranking points in this case and one must submit own callsign, flight start time and end time so we can look into it and see if the player ended up high enough on the standings list to earn SA points.

(4) Reporting a discrepancy:While we try to be as accurate as possible with the results, oversights as well as hiccups with the ACMI software/server can happen, so this is why we try to involve you, the pilots. Evidence must always be provided especially if based on a different track/ACMI than the one provided by the host.

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